Outpatient counseling

Our philosophy is based on a concern for the overall psychological well-being and respect for individual needs.

Phoenix, LLC provides adult outpatient counseling services for adults ages 18 and over. Our primary goal focuses on alleviating acute psychological distress resulting from life crises, disorders, substance abuse and on improving quality of life. 

We achieve this goal through the delivery of coordinated counseling services provided by a licensed and/or licensed eligible counselor tailored to the individual needs.

We believe that a key factor in psychological health is a strong support system and community connection. We have firmly established relationships within the community, social service and other providers that we enlist on behalf of individuals served.

We strive to coordinate care with all providers involved with individuals served to achieve integrated services. We offer individualized counseling that are based on the latest research within the context of a trusting and respectful therapeutic relationship.

In order for a recipient to qualify to receive outpatient counseling services, the recipient must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Requires treatment in order to sustain behavioral or emotional gains or to restore cognitive functional levels, which have been impaired. 
  2. Exhibits deficits in peer relations, deficits in dealing with authority, hyperactivity, poor impulse control, clinical depression or demonstrates other dysfunctional symptoms having an adverse impact on attention and concentration, the ability to learn, or the ability to participate in employment, educational or social activities. 
  3. Is at risk for developing or requires treatment for maladaptive coping strategies; and 
  4. Presents a reduction in individual adaptive and coping mechanism or demonstrates extreme increase in personal distress. 

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