Community Engagement and Community Coaching provides training and support to enable individuals ages 18 and up with functional limitation to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment. 

Community Engagement means services that support and foster an individual’s abilities to acquire, retain or improve skills necessary to build positive social behavior, interpersonal competence, greater independence, employ-ability, and personal choices necessary to access typical activities and functions of community life such as those chosen by the general population.  These may include community education or training and volunteer activities. 

Community Engagement provides a wide variety of opportunities to facilitate and build relationships and natural supports in the community, while utilizing the community as a learning environment. These activities are conducted at naturally occurring times and in a variety of natural settings in which the individual actively interacts with persons without disabilities (other than those paid to support the individual). 

The activities enhance the individual’s involvement with the community and facilitate the development of natural supports. This service shall be provided in the least restrictive and most integrated settings possible according to the individuals’s Plan for Supports and individual choice. 

Community Coaching means services that are designed for individuals who need one to one support in a variety of community settings in order to build a specific skill or set of skills to address a particular barrier or barriers preventing an individual from participating in activities of community engagement. In addition to skill building, this service includes safety supports. 

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